The Cape at Dawn

Cape Mendocino is 80 nm to port. Our weather routing seems to have worked, we have barely enough wind to ghost through these maligned waters. I’ll take 20% credit for this, the other 80% goes to a combination of delightful randomness and the prayer life of parents. We enjoy both, we sail under the eye of God the merciful and compassionate (B’ism Allah a’rahman a’rahim) and to enjoy the delightful unpredictable and random events that make life more than a merry-go-round.

We have structured our lives so that the unpredictable is usually ironic, absurd and entertaining; a 40 year old greybeard watches the sunrise at sea, listening to Gwen Steffani sing about teenage Japanese fashion and contemplating the onrushing course of the container ship Hyundai Tokyo…ridiculous!. This sort of thing makes up 90% of our existence but even we privileged yuppies are not immune from the dark side of the unpredictable. My older brother lost his life to the unpredictable while living the American dream in the heart of suburban safety. Deep thoughts in deep pre-dawn waters.

40°22.46’N 126°12.41’W 26-Aug-09 14:43 UTC

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