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San Francisco by Sea

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

We made respectable time down the coast. Arriving 8 days after leaving Neah Bay.

August2009 390 

Just prior to passing under the Golden Gate Bridge, S catches up on the news from Erie: Joe’s having dental work.

FromAllisonAug09 047

A future Dockwise customer.

FromAllisonAug09 060

North side of the bridge.

August2009 400

Inside the Golden Gate

ArrivalWeekend 003

Port-cam of downtown SF from our anchorage in the Aquatic Park.

ArrivalWeekend 106

Turns out we anchored in the middle of the local ocean swimming venue. We met lots of swimmers who would stop bythe boat to dog paddle and answer questions about the nearest laundry and grocery store. A very convenient feature in a new anchorage.

ArrivalWeekend 024

The Aquatic Park at night

ArrivalWeekend 056

No-knead beer bread meets Sourdough Town (thanks Nancy!).

ArrivalWeekend 044

Relative motion. The motion, big wind and the solid concrete breakwater 200 ft behind us finally convinced us to move after 3 nights. We never did drag, the bottom of the Aquatic Park is good stuff.

ArrivalWeekend 004

The view (and the price) were impossible to beat.

ArrivalWeekend 079

The crew of Bint Al Khamseen. Neah Bay to San Francisco in eight days.

37°48.60’N 122°25.50’W   01-Sep-09 03:09 UTC