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Bay Bridge Closure

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

We felt our way into the deceptively narrow entrance of the anchorage between Treasure and Yerba Buena Islands yesterday, and stumbled upon a beehive of activity.   TreasureIsland 037

News vans were parked in the marina parking lot onshore, there was some apparent notable being transported around in a convoy of black SUVs with police escort, and at least four news helicopters swarmed in the sky.  We never really found out who the dignitary in the SUV was, but the news crews, whirlybirds, and radio announcers were abuzz about the nearby Bay Bridge.  The bridge, which normally carries a quarter of a million cars each day between Oakland and downtown San Francisco, was due to close in a few hours for the entire Labor Day weekend so crews could work 24 hrs a day to slide in a new section of the span.   The helicopters stayed in the sky for hours, apparently waiting for something to happen.  Their presence got a little tediuous, like mosquitos that are still in your room after you gave up on swatting them.  We couldn’t figure what they wanted to see; what changes when a bridge is closed?   Anyway, K and I lounged around below reading books and finally went to bed to the sound of the road crews and machinery in action on the bridge.

This afternoon we went ashore where we met several locals who were agog about the bridge closure. 

TreasureIsland 030

We found out that only people who live on Treasure Island are allowed on the bridge while it’s closed.  Until the bridge reopens on Tuesday, the only other way on or off the island is by bus.  The work continues tonight.

BayBridgeWork 007

37°48.86’N 122°22.07’W   04-Sep-09 20:39 PDT