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Real Cruisers

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

We’re official cruisers now. We have our requisite blurry dolphin photo from our trip offshore (actually, a Dall’s Porpoise):

August2009 216dolph

and tonight we attended our first potluck, at the Treasure Island Yacht Club. We were invited to be the guests of John, our anchorage neighbor. We enjoyed wonderful company, a delicious dinner, a movie, and a great view of fireworks over downtown SF to boot. A delightful evening!

SaturdaySept5 021

Earlier today, K started his first batch of California brew. Preparing the wort:

SaturdaySept5 011

Letting it cool in a stiff breeze:

SaturdaySept5 012

And finally setting it to brew in the aft head brewery:SaturdaySept5 014

Now we just have to sit very still until it’s ready for bottling.

And, oh yes, the helicopters were buzzing around the Bay Bridge all day! Apparently things are not going as well as planned. The latest news is that the bridge will not be open in time for Tuesday’s morning commute after all, in fact, they’re not saying when they think it’ll reopen (yikes!).

SaturdaySept5 018

37°48.95’N 122°22.29’W 05-Sep-09 23:30 PDT