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Scorpion Bay, Santa Cruz Isl

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

The northeast points of Santa Cruz Island erupted from the fog to show many fine anchorages and more sea caves than we could have imagined. This island is eaten up with caves.SanMiguelToSantaCruz 111

We picked up some crew for the weekend.

WeekendAndAlbertAnchorage 020

There was much to see.

WeekendAndAlbertAnchorage 007

We had other friends in the Santa Barbara Channel too.          

R/V Atlantis was conducting dives with Alvin near the Traffic Separation Zone.   I gave them a Glosten shout-out and they told me that they were having trouble with the number of humpbacks roving through their site.  While we chatted on the VHF two whales passed us by stern with a 100 ft CPA. Then the lad on the Atlantis bridge called me “Captain FitzGerald”, a very satisfying afternoon.

Then came the dolphins….

SantaCruzIsland 040

SantaCruzIsland 049  SantaCruzIsland 045

SantaCruzIsland 057

It was a weekend of excellent parings, Bint al Khamseen  & R/V Atlantis, kids & dolphins, menfish & seacaves, sunsets with sweethearts & wives. SantaCruzIsland 006

34°02.80’N 119°32.80’W 22-Sep-09 20:30 PDT