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Albert Bay, Santa Cruz Isl

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

Albert Bay has been home for almost a week. We anchored in the center of this idyllic bay with a two-point anchor spread to keep our head into the swell and we’ve seen no reason to leave.  We get a light east breeze during the day and at night, a delicious warm land breeze infused with sage, eucalyptus and occasionally skunk. The skunks are a mystery, maybe they fight on the beach after the bars let out. Its dark, I’m not checking.

AlbertBay 014

Half the time we’ve had the place to ourselves, the sole guests of our friends on the shallow kelp rocks two boat lengths astern.

FriAMSnorkling 040

Without the ship’s naturalist we’re guessing at their names but…

FriAMSnorkling 021

clearly a Bluefish

FriAMSnorkling 011

in another ocean, we would have called this a Cow Nose Ray

WeekendAndAlbertAnchorage 030

A sculpin-shaped rock imitator.

 FriAMSnorkling 002

A wee anemone in the holdfast of a kelp.

FriAMSnorkling 022

Wee yellow schoolers in a kelp garden

FriAMSnorkling 038

Wee yellowtailed blue schoolers in a kelp garden

FriAMSnorkling 027

We know these as: Sardinyweenies

FriAMSnorkling 032

Grunnions? Juvenile Sardinyweenies? Who knows?

FriAMSnorkling 043

This nudibranch was searching for the seabush to his left  using his highly developed sense of chance…

FriAMSnorkling 041 

so that he could wreak havoc on its delicious soft coraline goodness, leaving a black trail of nudibranch death and carnage! If they only had better eyes these little blue and orange jellybellies would rule the world.

Albert Bay 28 Sept 028

Anemones with sand in their mouths. It must be awful.

Albert Bay 28 Sept 034

These characters had less of a school and more of a loose affiliation.

WeekendAndAlbertAnchorage 053

It hasn’t always been sunny, but a bit of fog makes the hot days better.

33°58.30’N 119°42.00’W 25-Sep-09 20:30 PDT