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Balloon Bay

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

This morning (Monday) we woke to find that a record number of balloons had washed into Albert Bay overnight.  All told, we counted three in the water and seven on the beach.

  Albert Bay 28 Oct 049

Albert Bay 28 Oct 050

Of the seven mornings we’ve been here, balloons have washed in on four of them, each in the early part of the week.  K’s theory is that they float in on the land breeze overnight after stupid balloon birthday parties on the weekend.  This may or may not be noteworthy to our favorite oceanographer, Curt Ebbesmeyer and his band of intrepid beachcombers, but we’ll make a report nonetheless. 

K gathered them all up and brought me a beach balloon bouquet. 

Albert Bay 28 Sept 043 Albert Bay 28 Oct 057Albert Bay 28 Oct 063

Albert Bay 28 Oct 065

(Here he thinks he looks like the famous “Crying Indian” enviro-mercial from the 70’s.)

Not to point fingers, but one was clearly labeled “Trader Joe’s.”  These Monday balloons joined those collected earlier this week (and the rest of our trash) in the anchor locker to await proper disposal.

That evening as we sailed for Catalina, we passed yet another seafaring balloon, probably on its way to a beach party at “Balloon Bay.”

SantaCruzToSantaCatalina 004txt

33°58.26’N 119°41.98’W 28-Sep-09 12:30 PDT