Favorite Boats, Part II

The best part about collecting favorite boats is that it is a life long pursuit on a never ending waterfront of weird and wonderful vessels. Today I found two more.


Someone in Sausalito has converted this retired US Army Balloon Barge (that’s right, Balloon Barge) into a fantastic live aboard. This is just the thing I’m always trying to talk P Smith into. Who knew the army flew barrage balloons from barges? And that they make such great floating homes?


Age of Russia was a failed attempt to enter a Russian competitor in the 1992 Americas Cup Race. They were not a recognized national competitor but flew their boat to San Diego anyway (even though it was returned once for $150k unpaid postage) and commenced a turf battle with the recognized Russian syndicate, Red Star’92 (who didn’t have a boat). Neither ever raced.


Continuing on the theme of decay and beauty, this little house barge was clearly the work of a craftsman. It was sunk and beyond salvage in a small creek on Texada Island in British Columbia. (Photo credit to A, Ship’s Naturalist).


Finally, a project that may have never ended. I used to drive past this thing between New Orleans and Morgan City. Note to self: Never build your ark within view of a major highway, you’ll spend all your time making angry signs.

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