Offshore From Neah Bay: The Voyage in Pictures

We had our hands full sailing the boat and keeping everything running, but now that we’ve had a few day in San Francisco Bay we’re ready to upload the pics.

August2009 116

Farwell and adieu to you ladies of the Makah Nation

August2009 149

Now that its off the rudder we should… eat it?

August2009 146

The Ships Naturalist prepares delicious Bull Kelp for coconut chicken kelp curry.  It came out better than the kelp pickles – need a better pickle recipe.

August2009 133

Anything floating becomes a target for the Whidby NAS Orions training off the Washington coast. These guys buzzed us for hours. They had one engine out the whole time.

August2009 341

Good night solar panels, sleep tight and don’t let your diodes fail and feed all my juice back into the dark.

FromAllisonAug09 016 

S works on her beloved preventers (note from S: safety first!).

August2009 166

Many fine nights at sea.

37°49.00’N 122°28.70’W   31-Aug-09 02:24 UTC

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