Santa Cruz Island

We love Southern California! It’s finally warm enough to go snorkling (with a wetsuit), and I haven’t worn a fleece in days.

We spent a nearly sleepless Monday night rolling back and forth in Coches Prietos bay on the south side of Santa Cruz Island. So this morning, not very bright or early, we motored around the corner to pretty little Albert bay. After making our peace with a large underwater rock that lurked near the beach, we spent the afternoon snorkling, climbing the rocks along the shore, and doing a little beach cleanup. Most of the litter was styrofoam, but we also scored a few tennis balls, a couple of water bottles (recyclable), and a small wheel. There were balloons too, on the beach and floating in the water. Hold on tight to your balloons!

Posted via our SSB radio, we’ll post some pics when we get an internet connection.

33°58.24’N 119°41.96’W 22-Sep-09 22:18 UTC

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