Sausalito, Last Stop in the Bay

Sausalito was good to us. For a week we avoided it for its upper crust reputation but we were well served with laundry, marine parts, and provisioning.

HalfMoonToSanSimeon 018

We bought a tomato the size of K’s head (kind of medium large for a tomato) and he took a self portrait (K, not the tomato).

LeavingSF 051

SF in the fog and the Sausalito ferry dock.


A rig check before we head offshore. Thanks Momo!

LeavingSF 013

The view from the top.

LeavingSF 057

Hmmm, that’s one foggy, high-traffic channel.

LeavingSF 060

We had to use all our tricks to get past the bridge and across the Traffic Separation Scheme without bonking into anything. We found a hole in the shipping traffic and eased across at a blistering 5 kts.

The two towers of the Golden Gate called out their presence in the fog, one a deep baritone (LeavingSF.mp3), the other a higher tenor. We were grateful they kept calling to each other as we blindly groped our way under the bridge. The only stress after that was avoiding a USCG patrol boat doing important donuts in the fog at 20 kts.

37°51.47’N 122°28.64’W 13-Sep-09 08:00 PDT

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