Stink Blown Off Us

When S was little her mom would tell the kids to go outside and get the stink blown off them. It won’t last, but for the moment Bint al Khamseen is 100 % stink free. I know this because we have 32 kts in the San Miguel anchorage and we just put out the #2 "sleeping anchor" so we can sleep without prairie dogging out the hatch every 30 minutes to see where we’ve dragged to.

The stink abatement began yesterday evening when we sailed into the dark night and left the daylight world of pleasure sailing. We entered a cold, wet and foggy night of high speed wave hurdling (and a little hurling) and marine freeway traffic avoidance.

We brought the wrong boat to the Santa Barbara Channel, we should have brought something with an electric coffee pot and a wheelhouse where you can steer in your PJs while a Red Dot heater blows on your feet. You can keep the fish but the wheelhouse would have been nice last night.

The upside? It was a curative overnighter for our homesickness over the Straits of Juan De Fuca in November. Bint al Khamseen is riding nicely but she wishes she had a scarf…

SanSimeonToSanMiguelIsl 136

San Miguel approach, after the wash but before the wind rinse and dry cycles.

SanSimeonToSanMiguelIsl 144

Hare Rock lurks before the island

SanSimeonToSanMiguelIsl 145

A pocket beach we did not visit, but would like to.

SanMiguelToSantaCruz 001

The dunes of the cape.

34°03.18’N 120°21.42’W 16-Sep-09 20:30 PDT

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