The Molinator

We located a pair of Molas in the fog (no small feat, it was destiny).  We chased this Mola with the Yanmar in idle for quite some time over a distance of two boat lengths. It was like a sack race at Sloth Elementary. In fact juvenile Molas often compete in the same aquatic division with SE and have made it to the regional’s more than once (we’ve had to make up this story and others since we lost the Ship’s Naturalist).

Our Mola made a subtle escape at full Sunfish throttle.  Only his wide eye betrayed his attempt at evasion. We tried not to run over him.

HalfMoonToSanSimeon 008

We answered a long debated question; what does a Sunfish do in the fog? It turns out they do the same things but with less enthusiasm. Its the same for us.   For most of Saturday, this was all we could see.

HalfMoonToSanSimeon 014

Later we sailed through a pod of fog whales. We heard them through the hull. They told us things we could not understand.

37°19.50’N 122°37.60’W 13-Sep-09 12:00 PDT

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