Catalina Wildlife

Catalina Island is full of bizarre wildlife. We were focused on the non-human variety.

CatalinaSaturday 060

This watch dog was suspicious (like us) of the Two Harbors weekend crowd.

CatalinaWedPM 006

It was quieter underwater but the characters were equally weird.

CatalinaSaturday 007

Garibaldi fish were everywhere, some had to be chased, some posed for pictures and some insisted on filling every frame.

Catalina 30 Sep 09 012

The little ones are covered in blue spots.

CatalinaSaturday 004

Catalina 30 Sep 09 020

Catalina 30 Sep 09 032

The littler they are the bluer they come.

CatalinaWedPM 017

The caves were full of lobsters. We were snorkeling in a no-take area for invertebrates.

CatalinaWedPM 009

The sandy bottom behind the boat was a nursery ground for baby rays, skates and guitarfish.

CatalinaWedPM 015

The kelpy areas were full of greenling.

CatalinaSaturday 054

We looked for the famous Catalina buffalo with Zak and Kim but all we saw was a great view of Two Harbors.

33°27.60’N 118°31.10’W 4-Oct-09 12:30 PDT

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