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San Diego Exit

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

San Diego was a great stop for us. It could be one of the best urban anchorage experiences we’ve had so far.

027 (2)

We’ll miss the friendly coast guards with their awesome machinery. We probably saw them deploy on 50 missions of various types. In one they saved 5 sailors in another they lost 7 of their own.


It helps to have family in in town when you sail in. Actually its mostly about having family in town… living in the same town with my brother for the first time in 20 years cannot be understated as a recipe for an excellent port call. Add a groovy sister-in-law and a clever niece and one might wonder why we migrate around the country all our lives.


SD 029

But migrate we must… I saw many beautiful things on the way out of town…


We all know that chicks dig sea lions, but everyone loves a sea lion with his nose in the air.


Sause Brothers towing escorted us down the channel on their way back to Portland (a trip best made in a tug).


The sunset called us out to an offshore anchorage for a pre-departure night. Its nice to slosh around in your sleep for a night before heading offshore.


We anchored in the moon light and settled in for a not so quiet night with a background buzzing of navy helicopters practicing their hovering technique and the occasional low level strafing run at mast top level by something to fast to see.


32°40.38’N 117°13.10’W 02-Nov-09 20:01 PST