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SD to Ensenada

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

We took a few pictures on the very uneventful leg from San Diego to Ensenada via the Coronado Islands.011

The Oracle America’s Cup boat was heading out to practice as we got ready to leave the Point Loma anchorage. Check out the roller furling, very cushy!


South Coronado Island was damp and wintery until it kicked its fog blanket off late in the afternoon. Of course it pulled the fog blanket back on in time for our 0300 departure. We spent quite some time idling away from the islands between rocks and fishpens without seeing either. Half the day required fleece, Extratuffs, carharts and watch caps. Shocking!

Ensenada is full of helpful marina people and truly wretched gringo bars. We found a nice grocery store stocked with the coveted UHT refrigeration-free box milk and more. Now we (really just K) need to find the meaticeria. And some diesel. And the customs house since we didn’t check in yet.

31°51.57’N 116°37.53’W 04-Nov-09 21:01 PST