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Bahia Tortugas/San Bartolome Bay

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

We came into Turtle Bay to work on the wind vane and stayed a while waiting for wind to take us further south. It was a beautiful sunrise landfall.

FromEnsenada_BahiaTortuga 008

We picked up borders overnight who did not fare well but will make some sweet, sweet bait.

OctNov2009 041

Squid Girl with all but one; the stinky one that we didn’t find for 3 days. She thought it was me, I thought it might be me, but it was a dried deck squid. 

FromEnsenada_BahiaTortuga 012

We sailed into the  channel with Monte Bartolome to the north. 

FromEnsenada_BahiaTortuga 028cr

Sargazo Point is a lonely posting for the lighthouse keeper. They pass the time by whitewashing rocks and spelling things out and lining the road with them.

FromEnsenada_BahiaTortuga 035

Gritty downtown Bahia Tortugas.


The new cemetery.

FromEnsenada_BahiaTortuga 032

Most towns have a fuel dock. Bahia Tortugas has an entire fuel hill. We didn’t get fuel but we did eat fish tacos and saw some great puppy washin’.

Bahia Tortuga 006

We saw a lot of interesting dogs. None of them appeared to have rabies in spite of the convictions of our travel medicine advisors at UW.

Bahia Tortuga 011

This one was too sleepy to show signs of any pathology.

Bahia Tortuga 012

This one is ready for winter even though it was 85 F in the shade.


During our entire four days here we were unknowingly running one hour behind all the locals.  That explains the Angelus Bells ringing at 5 PM from the little church.

We knocked out two good days of boat projects, plus a day of cleaning and laundry, and we’ve re-stocked our fruit and veg bins with some great items (S is flaming off a load of bananas foster as I write).   We’re ready to move south.

27°41.80’N 114°52.82’W 11-Nov-09 21:10 PST