A Walk On the Rock

After a week of floating in the Puerto Ballena we made an amphibious landing on the cliffy peninsula in search of unusual life and geology.

SunPMLittleCamera 012

It was all unusual and its uniqueness was due to the unusual heat. Outside the mangroves its hard to find shade even for a slip of a girl with a big hat.

SunPM 013

This desert chameleon was hanging on the shady side of a rock.

SunPM 028

He was probably looking for a delicious purple striped cricket

SunPM 074

Or a big honkin’ desert berry

SunPM 045

There has to be a trick here. This wretched little plant is a desiccated and forlorn specimen and yet it pops out a huge delicious looking berry. Awfully suspicious.

And another thing, why bother with the vicious mini-cactus message if you are going to provide little succulent red morsels.

SunPM 077

Finally from the worst sticker bush ever, the no-nonsense desert behavior we expect, sending a clear message to anyone craving salad

SunPMLittleCamera 028

24°28.64’N 110°22.63’W 08-Dec-09 22:00 PST


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