Back in Action

The wedding was grand. Lots of incense, icons and smoochin.116

We were sad to leave the big family gathering and a little disoriented crossing the border in Tijuana to catch our flight and “go home” to La Paz.

LaPaz&IslaEspirituSanto 009

But La Paz has been a great town to operate out of. We admit to treating Mexico as a zoo of natural wonders, a grocery store and fuel station. At some point we will slow down and observe this ancient nation as it should be observed, but probably not in La Paz.

LaPaz&IslaEspirituSanto 005

After a day or two of errands we headed for Isla Espiritu Santo, a national park with excellent anchorages and spectacular desert scenery and lots of gringo boats.

LaPaz&IslaEspirituSanto 027

SundayAM 021 We anchored between some islands next to a cliff with cactus sentries guarding a thriving coral reef below.


We took a hike up the back side for the view from the top.

SunPM 043

For several days we had the place to ourselves with occasional visits from skiffs setting seines and gill nets.

SunPM 019

Its hard to beat this spot anchored a few hundred feet off a reef full of snapper with an unnatural interest in the business end of the pole spear (yes, the parts came from the Shilshole dumpster).  Curiosity has killed some snappers and fed the crew.

EnsenadaDeLaRaza 088

24°28.40’N 110°22.85’W 08-Dec-09 14:00 PST

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