Bahia San Marte

We tucked in to Bahia San Marte for a couple of northers during our time in the Agua Verde region. It’s a big bay but the swell free area was quite small, tucked up in the northwest corner just out of reach of the north swells wrapping around the corner.

BahiaSanMarte2 133

The bay has a bad reputation as a rolly anchorage and that makes it one of our favorite on the long list of unpopular things with bad reputations that we love. 

BahiaSanMarte4 020

As a reward for our bad judgment we shared the place with our quiet friends on On Verra. K and Alfredo took turns spear fishing on the closest reef giving the groupers a few hours in between to re-group. It was a great arrangement and provided K with an opportunity to see what he hopes to be in his sixties, a manfish on a red kayak, assuming his place in the marine food chain.

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The mountains were ideal for hiking with miles and miles of open grassland and low brush. We landed the dinghy and began to explore.

BahiaSanMarte4 033

The first stop was a hidden pocket beach at the end of a steep wash.

BahiaSanMarte1 046

   BahiaSanMarte1 044








Next was a hike to the nearest pass for a look north at Agua Verde bay and the imposing pinnacle islet Roca Solitaria.

BahiaSanMarte2 118

We made it back down in time for some good low light. K took pictures and S worked on her Kokopelli shadow imitation.

BahiaSanMarte4 057

Then we ate a wickedgood stove top pizza.

BahiaSanMarte3 023

25°30.28’N 111°01.06’W   13-Jan-10 23:00 UTC


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