The Red Rocks of Los Gatos

The list of world’s reddest harbors is surely led by Los Gatos.

045 While we are no experts on this topic, we’re pretty sure it’s the reddest harbor in the land.

PuertoLosGatos 131

The sandstone outcrops bracketing this bay stand out from the surrounding coastline like berries on a berry cactus.

CowrySpit 138

The low light hours set the rocks aflame


and the rocks cast a red glow on the bay and everything in it.

PuertoLosGatos 058

At dawn and dusk we sat in the quietly in cockpit with wide eyes, struck by the drama of this landscape.

PuertoLosGatos 095

During the day we took hikes and documented the crazy range of textures ranging from vicious angular outcrops…

PuertoLosGatos 112

To dunes at the feet of their sandstone source (or is it the other way around?).


And our favorite… the voluptuous organic folds of red mother earth

WednesdayAM 045

The local Ruby Throated Pterodactyls added a sense of pre-history

BahiaSanMarte2 039 

And the visiting gringo moron with a eye for butt rocks added the final missing element to this magical place (would you leave the country in a small boat with this man?)

WednesdayAM 006-1

25°18.26’N 110°56.74’W 30-Jan-10 14:00 MST

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