The Floating Bluebottles of Isla Partida

We recently learned that these Portuguese Men of War are called “Bluebottles” in Australia. It makes more sense, it was never clear what made them Portuguese, and it turns out they are less like men of war and more like beautiful, scary friends. LittleCamera 098



Many have asked, does a deadly jellyfish have any hope of friendship?

We have learned that you can make a career of stinging your neighbors with long tentacles that each hold thousands of venomous nematocysts, and still have a pretty big social circle.

This is good news for the intimidating and dangerous characters among us: There is indeed someone for everyone.



  LittleCamera 092-1


The story becomes clear from below, this Bluebottle drifts with a posse of about half a dozen small, bizarre fish of at least three different flavors.

We wonder if they ever get stung. Based on experience in past relationships, we think probably yes, and that it makes them very careful.

Their intrapersonal skills must be very well developed with a large capacity for acceptance and compromise as they spend their lives with the constant threat of death by neurotoxin and no vote in the itinerary.






Fated to live between the devil and the deep blue sea, they spend their days keeping bug-eyed watch among the deadly tentacles…

LittleCamera 092

and do their best to be inconspicuous. Two species sport tentacly camouflage and a third uses the old transparent invisibility trick.

LittleCamera 089 crop

24°32.60’N 110°23.70’W   6-Feb-10 03:43 UTC

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