The Flying Manta Rays of Isla Partida

We typically get wet to see our friends in the deep, but a fast inflatable can get you a dry look at the Flying Manta Rays of Isla Partida.


These rays fly out of the water to a height of about 6 feet.


At maximum altitude they spin, cartwheel, and flip.


Sometimes they land like airplanes…

 Tuesday_IslaBallina 206  

sometimes they land upside down.


  Sometimes they jump with their buddies (Popcorn Rays!).

Tuesday_IslaBallina 186

They jump periodically throughout the day but they save the serious jumping for sunset and cloudy days.  K thinks they don’t jump when its sunny, its bad for their shiny complexions and their Ray Bans fall off.

Tuesday_IslaBallina 205a

They look absolutely joyous and like most fun things, only the young ones do it.


24°32.60’N 110°24.70’W   6-Feb-10 03:43 UTC

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