An Intermission

We’ve been traveling around the States visiting family and adjusting to the loss of our two brothers. Please enjoy the following marine animal interlude while we rebuild our focus for the next chapter of our voyage.

ToLaPaz 024

From the starfish collection:



EnsenadaDeLaRaza 099

LittleCamera 052

LittleCamera 037

Reef dwellers we love:

BackAtSanMarte 041

LosFrailes_Friday 066

SunSnorkling 028

SunSnorkling 041

SunSnorkling 107

Reef dwellers that love us:

018 (2)


SunSnorkling 037

LittleCamera 004

ToLaPaz 005 

And finally from the invertebrate files:


BahiaSanMarte1 058

BahiaSanMarte1 063

SunSnorkling 058

25°00.00’N 110°00.00’W 05-Mar-10 11:00 PST

One Response to “An Intermission”

  1. Nicole says:

    Beautiful pictures as always. You two take care and know that we’re thinking about you. –Nicole