Bint Speaks

Bint al Khamseen is migrating to the South Pacific with unusual purposefulness. Its clear we’ve been holding her back like a greyhound forced to compete in a dog paddle competition. Now that she’s been given her head she is racing down the line with little help from us, propelled by something beyond sails. Neither reefing, course tweeking, sloppy sideseas, or cross current has slowed her down or turned her nose.

She charges down 220 degrees by the compass with a bone in her teeth, free from the anchorage tethers in this bay or that, free from the barnacles and sea lice that colonized her smooth parts, and free from the embarrassing spinning egg beater that sticks out of her bottom. The prop blades are feathered now and Bint al Khamseen has met the dream to be in the place where she is at her best.

She’s bringing us with her, lunging across big long waves and smashing through short steep ones that detonate like Roman candles, red and green in the running lights. After 24 hrs she’s just now easing to the pace of her people. S will soon be living below without screwing her eyes shut to block out the motion.

21°35.17’N 111°42.89’W 20-Mar-10 20:26 UTC

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One Response to “Bint Speaks”

  1. D&D Fitzgerald says:

    Congratulations on a good beginning. Best wishes & prayers for a delightful trip.