Cabo San Lucas, City of Darkness

We had planned to say that we slipped quietly into the pacific under sail and the grin of a Chershire Cat moon, but to be truthful our exit from the Sea of Cortez was a sloppy confrontation with an unseasonal south wind. It reminded K of his Ballard bum-fight; some shoving, some wallowing, a few grunts and groggy epithets. The Cheshire Cat did watch (as a Ballard cat would) and arbitrated a compromise by sun-up. We got a rowdy upwind run right down our course line in 18 kts of wind. The Sea of Cortez Southern Crossing staggered off to harass some other pedestrian.

We crossed the track of our 5 month old inbound route somewhere in the darkness off the beach at Cabo San Lucas. Cabo is a city of darkness in our experience and it is a good arrangement for it is beautiful in the dark.

23°10.23’N 109°29.54’W 20-Mar-10 00:18 UTC

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