Ladies and gentleman Bint Al Khamseen has left the building. We finally extracted ourselves from the deadly convenient and somewhat jealous harbor city of La Paz. She was loath to let us go but we have taken our fill of big box supermarkets, tacos al pastor, and sideways anchoring in 4 kt current with 20 kt crosswinds.

At the last minute we were enticed to remain for a St Patrick’s day feast, a jam session of our favorite cruiser pick-up bands and a beach party on the Magote peninsula but it was time to turn our backs on these pleasant options and steel ourselves for the long sail ahead.

We’ll always have a soft spot for this part of the world and we were reminded of this by the manta rays who jumped by the hundreds as we sailed down the Cerralvo Channel.




We’ll also miss the parade of boats that wander in and out of the anchorages of the Sea of Cortez.


Most of them seem to be from Seattle (is that an RDF on the mizzen? Holy smokes old timer!).


Unlike our friends on the Arctic Clipper we are loaded to the waterline. There’s hardly room for another fig on this boat. We completely lost control of how many kgs of flour, powdered milk, rice and beans came on board.


We made a huge batch of oatmeal cookies and 4 pizzas. We sail for the Marquesas.


23°59.24’N 109°49.72’W 17-Feb-10 18:00 MDT

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  1. Aaron & Nicole says:

    Good luck and fair winds you two!