The Sameness of the Sea

We have inspected every inch of the past 1000 nautical miles and found it all to be identical. And so it is with our days here upon the ocean. There have been few highlights; we saw a tuna trawler about a week ago, we see birds at least once a day – including an indicator species of the tropics, a tropic bird – and S saw a piece of flotsam. Flying fish and four individual wave trains bearing down and rushing beneath us are our constant companions and we never tire of watching them.

We’ve begun some course corrections and refinements as we bear down on the ITCZ some 650nm away. It feels like re-entry from outer space at 7 miles an hour. Our plan is to skirt the southern boundary of the tradewind belt, staying just out of reach of the ITCZ thunderstorms until we see a gap and then we’ll sprint across, probably getting mauled anyway because it will take us two days.

And now K will provide a book report on the 12 CD volume of The Silmarillion by J R.R. Tolkien:

The Silmarillion is the pre-history of the Lord of The Rings. The first 300 hours are in the style of an Old Testament genealogy. While it is absolutely mindnumbing, it is delivered with severe gravitas by a British guy and is well suited to watchstanding alone at night over a tempestuous sea. The second half has lots of nice stories about sword fights and dragons.

12°19.47’N 122°02.32’W 28-Mar-10 02:34 UTC

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2 Responses to “The Sameness of the Sea”

  1. Allison says:

    Ahoy, Bintites. You appear to be racing toward your destination, said the starfish to the sea slug. Here’s another navigational tip to help your approach. “The Marquesas Islands are shrouded in a constant cloud cover.” That should help you zero right in on them. Of course, you could also be approaching Seattle, so keep a sharp eye on Mr. Twitchy, who has been known to sail in circles. If you see a long white cloud, as in “Island of the Long White Cloud”, you could be approaching Aotearoa (a.k.a. New Zealand), which is a bit farther south and west. Wrong cloud, but nice people, and well worth a stop.

  2. Laura R. says:

    Glad to hear someone made it through that book. The only others on record are my father and brother Brian. Not sure what that says about my family.