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Easterquator? Equeaster?

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

It’s Easter and we’re at the equator. And so we reflect upon the love of God, the sphericallity of this globe and the role of Neptune in our ocean crossing. It will be a big day with inbound recognitions of all three and wardrobe choices ranging from tar, paint, and funny hats to pastel dresses and a checkered vest (oh wait, K outgrew that when he was 6).

Dinner will be equally conflicted. We’ve been told by those who know, that Neptune would have us suffer a nasty, fishy, garbage-based gruel. On the other hand our christian forefathers prescribe canned ham with cabbage and potatoes. S will not be having the Neptune menu, and K will not be cooking to meet everyone’s whim and so canned ham and cabbage it will be. This suits S very well, she loves to celebrate with cabbage (you can take the girl’s grandparents out of Slovakia but you can’t take the Slovak out of the girl).

Neptune will be appeased and recognized by as yet undeterimed methods. We’re sure he likes a surprise… like something to post on his refrigerator door! S is good with stick figure cartoons. She might be talked into a hippoicthyus, she’s good with horsey things too and a hippoicthyus is at least half horse. K could probably do a limmerick.

00°00.38’S 131°50.69’W 04-Apr-10 17:31 UTC