Canal Du Bordelais

We spent several days on the fringes of the channel between the islands of Tahuata and Hiva Oa.  Tahuata fulfilled the postcard image that kept us motivated during the 3 week crossing.

MarquesasBigCamera 008 

We spent two days collecting green c-nuts, limes, pamplemoose and pictures. There was a very nice low reef in 30 ft of water where  anchors had not done their devilish work

Hana Moe Noa Bay 037

and interesting lava walls bracketing the bay.

Hana Moe Noa Bay 070 

We saw many beautiful things, some of which we were able to get good photos of.

Hana Moe Noa Bay 012

Hana Moe Noa Bay 104

There were blacktip sharks large and small. The small ones lurked in the ankle biting zone.  K thought they were super-cute. S feared they might bite her ankles.

MarquesasLittleCamera 005

The more arid west coast of Hiva Oa reminded us of Baja.

MarquesasBigCamera 028

This side of the island is in a rain shadow and only the valleys are well watered.

MarquesasBigCamera 037

We met up with our friends on Paikea Mist (who we met in Sausalito) and shared an uncomfortable night of rare 20 kt west wind. The 3-point anchor spread went out and held us off the lee shore rocks 200 ft astern.

MarquesasBigCamera 035

We missed all the good stuff the guide books mention about this bay but found a cool  hermit crab the size of a baseball.

MarquesasLittleCamera 023

09°54.45’S 139°06.28’W 10-Apr-14 12:30 PDT

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