Hanavave Falls, Fatu Hiva

There is a famous waterfall about an hour outside the village.

HanavaveSunday 155

At times the occasional stone markers in the jungle were our only clue that we were going the right way.

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It was a hot muddy trek to the falls but worth the effort.

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The pond is home to crawfish and blue eyed eels. To S’s relief we only saw crawfish.

HanavaveSunday1 047

After swimming over for a crawfish eye view of the falls,

HanavaveSunday1 078

and a c-nut snack,

HanavaveSunday1 100

we took the scenic rode home, climbing a ridge to see the anchorage.

HanavaveSunday 111

The view of the valley was incredible.

HanavaveSunday 119

K really wanted to go see this hole in the rock curtain just below the top of the ridge but it would have taken days to get there.

HanavaveSunday 128

We passed a Mary spring in the side of a hill and stopped to have a sip. As you’d expect, the Mary water was miraculous; it was cool and clear and didn’t taste at all like the crawfish that were living in the catchment. 

HanavaveSunday 088

We also saw reminders of the pre-Christian era. This gent was probably the well-endowed chairman of the ancient village.

HanavaveSunday 077

We left the 6 ton petroglyph in place and brought home coffee beans instead.

 HanavaveSunday1 110

10°27.80’S 138°37.75’W 10-Apr-18 12:30 PDT

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