We were lucky to just see the islands in the evening before standing off to wait for sunrise.

Landfall 094

S sussed out the hole in the mountains leading into a hidden bay.

Landfall 111

And when the sun came out we found ourselves in the most beautiful of anchorages.

Landfall 134

All fun was suspended for the following 24 hours as we force marched into town a couple of miles away and caught up on 3 weeks of housekeeping.


It was hard work but a grand location to be working outside.


We really needed a bigger boat for the required miles of clothes lines.


09°48.22’S 139°01.93’W 10-Apr-11 11:30 PDT

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One Response to “Landfall”

  1. Susan Ross says:

    Congratulations on your arrival!
    You guys have a great time and keep writing ‘cuz I’m living through you vicariously :>)