Neptune the capricious

S has been slow to provide the expected art work in honor of Neptune’s livestock and was delivered a warning bucket full of seawater thru a cracked hatch as she slept. She was not amused.

K has taken notice and while he would have enjoyed a sluicing while he slept in the intense sauna-like conditions of a boat in the tropics in heavy weather he can imagine more appropriate punishments and so provides the following rhyme in recognition of the sea.

There once was a boat from Seattle
That sailed like a stampede of cattle
Her sprit would go under
With a great clap of thunder
And the bones of her people would rattle

This is a wild and boisterous bit of ocean this week, not at all the placid, reachy sailing typical of forecasts over the past couple of months. We’ve been alternately pounding upwind in 18-28 kts in lumpy seas or getting pasted by extremely productive rain squalls. Never knew you get so much water up in the sky. The good news is that we have kept our speed up and are finally sailing straight down the line at a nice clip, just managing to keep our feet in the stirrups. The outside of the boat is very, very clean. The inside is developing a certain je ne c’est quoi atmosphere. In the almost words of Johnny Cash, K gets up “and puts on my cleanest dirty shorts”.

02°21.34’S 133°25.62’W 06-Apr-10 03:34 UTC

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One Response to “Neptune the capricious”

  1. Allison says:

    Rain? You sail half way across the Pacific to pound water in 28 kts of wind and rain? And the cabin is hot & sweaty like a sauna? Are you sure you’re not in Desolation Sound? You may not be following my navigation tips.

    Here’s more help from the Marquesas’ Ministry of Tourism. “Brooding volcanic pinnacles pierce the landscape, while the lush vegetation overflows with sweet-smelling plumeria, bougainvillea, orchids, jasmine and tiare flowers.”

    Now your navigation starts to get complicated. You need to be close enough to identify the flowers, but not so close that you “embrassez le récif”, as they say in the Marquesas. In French. Which is kind of inconvenient, considering the effort S has made to learn Spanish. Bon Chance!