The Dogs of Hanavave

We are pretty sure that the dogs of Hanavave lead a largely vegetarian existence. We know this by the lack of dog food in the shop, their remarkable cohabitation with chickens and  their affinity for rotten bananas and coconuts.


Most of them were sleepy at all times. This good comfort hound had the coolest spot in the house.

HanavaveSunday 028

There was one exceptionally alert specimen who warned us away from his shed, his killer instincts held in check only by his heavy chain.

HanavaveSunday 027

The youngest four of these six jungle construction dogs eagerly put on a good show of making sure we continued past their front yard.  S thought it was a laughing matter.

HanavaveSunday 081

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One Response to “The Dogs of Hanavave”

  1. Tammy says:

    Amazing photos – what kind of camera are you taking all these amazing photos with – including the underwater? We are headed out this fall – same direction – Mexico, then the crossing to the South Pacific. Sorry our paths may not cross this time around, but very much enjoying your journey. Thanks for sharing it.

    s/v Santosha