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Tale of a Hermit Crab

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

It’s a short one. 

Friday 013

One of the hazards of being a hermit crab on an atoll in the South Pacific (and there are many) is inhabiting a shell coveted by a beachcomber.  The peril increases when the crab is a little too inconspicuous inside his small fortress and the beachcomber takes no notice of his presence.

Such was the fate of one hermit crab who inhabited a beautiful white shell that resembled the horn of a legendary unicorn (in miniature).  I found this shell, saw it had a hole in the side and assumed the former occupant had been eaten by whatever had made the hole.  I took it back to the boat and stuck it on the wall in our bedroom with sticky gum for safe keeping.

A couple days later I discovered a naked hermit crab the floor.  There’s something about seeing a tiny crab in his birthday suit making his way across one’s bedroom floor in a futile search for a shell that makes one feel instant affinity for the vulnerable creature.  Besides, I was responsible for his homelessness.  I scooped him up and put him in a bowl.  We offered him the limited selection of shells we had on board, including the white one we assumed he’d come from.

Friday 034

Not surprisingly, that’s the one he picked.

Friday 039

The geometry of that shell seemed more than a little awkward to us, so we scoured the boat once more for more potential shell houses (besides, I wanted that shell back).  We ended up taking one of the shells K brought back from Africa off a window shade, where it’d been hanging for years.  I pried all the Elmer’s glue out of the inside and offered it to Crabby (or Herme, as K dubbed him).  He didn’t seem interested in transferring, so we just left it in his container overnight.  By the next morning, he’d made his move.  A wise choice, we thought.  This one was much more appropriately sized, more maneuverable, and had fancy long intimidating spikes.

Friday 042 

During his brief stay with us we supplied Herme with all the coconut and fresh water he seemed to desire.  Still, once in a while we’d catch him peering through the walls of his bowl with a far off look of yearning in his eyestalks.  We kept him as a pet for just a couple of days until we could take him back where he belonged.  I set him on the beach and he never looked back.

16°26.45′S 143°57.23′W 26-May-10 18:41 PDT

Makemo: Days on the Beach

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

There are several islands, or “motus,” that surround an atoll.

Makemo 014

We spent several days at Makemo going ashore on this one.

Sunday 100

We passed hours watching the creatures who hung out in the shallows. The shallows were so active that we stopped snorkeling among the bossy black tip sharks …

Makemo 029

and just watched the reef from the beach. 

Sunday 099

The little sharks were still curious enough to swim up to our feet in inches of water.

Sat&Sun 028

We’ve been chasing these Picasso Triggerfish across the Pacific for a good picture. They are very camera shy but didn’t suspect us taking pictures with a long lens from above.

Sunday 019

There was some suspicious wrasse behavior going on in the shallowest of shallows. This Surge Wrasse looked guilty of some bodily function or other.

Sunday 030

Sunday 044

There were lots of little morays. This one was trapped in a tide pool just big enough for him to turn around in.  He seemed confident that the tide would come in before he turned into moray jerky and tried to menace us from the other side of the liquid-gas phase barrier.

Thursday 025

The red crabs were equally happy in or out of the water.

Friday 029

This coral colony paid a price for miscalculating the tide range but bravely pushed its live edge onward into the shallows.

Thursday 035

This attractive fellow was drying out either his head or his butt, who can say with a sea cucumber?

Thursday 034

S braved the ankle biters long enough to catch a gang of Convict Tangs commuting through a shallow pass to the offshore side of the atoll.

Sat&Sun 039

K braved the long pointy beak of a serene frigate bird long enough to capture a few bird details.

Sat&Sun 042

Sunday 129

Sunday 134

Somewhere a Muppet Show is missing its Gonzo.

Sunday 135

The bird-folk among you will also recognize this little grey (sooty?) palm tern.

Sunday 103

We spent the remainder of the days admiring the tropical plants (these white blossoms tinted the evening breeze in the anchorage with a scent much like honeysuckle),

Thursday 007

walking across the island,

Friday 019

hunting the low-hanging coconuts (“lowconuts”),

Friday 025

fulfilling our hammock-testing duty,

Sunday 143

and just enjoying the view.

Sunday 009

But what do you do if you forget your shoes??

Makemo 042

16°26.70′S 143°57.77′W 27-May-10 02:19 PDT