The delirium of the two person watch system is fully developed on Bint Al Khamseen and that can only mean that we’ve shaken the mud off our anchor and headed offshore. Altogether we spent a month in the Marquesas (actually K spent a bit less due to a quick business trip) and we are carrying fine memories of these well-fruited, horse, chicken and shark infested islands with us as we make for the Tuamotu island group 500 nm south.

Expectations of the coming month are high. K is forcing the gates on his past, hoping to return to underwater gardens equal to those of his youth in the Red Sea. S is excited (yeah, that’s the word) about meeting lots of sharks and navigating through boat-munching coral heads. But there is not a drop of adrenaline on board at the moment as we stroll through calm seas, barely awake, anticipating only the soul-sapping heat of midday and consecutive sweat-drenched naps.

09°28.63’S 140°23.77’W 14-May-10 00:18 UTC


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