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The Fickle Sucker

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

We’ve all known this type, the fair-weather friend who provides great company as long as there’s the possibility of snack.


This little Shark Sucker opportunist was attached to an impressive blacktip …


… until he saw K.

At that point he could smell the bacon burgers that have seeped out of K’s pores since he was old enough to buy his own lunch.  He immediately discharged from his boring shark and approached K with a look in his eye that said, “When you’re not looking I’m gonna suction onto your belly.”

“So long, Sharkee! See ya in the funny papers!”


And then he saw: The Dinghy.  Immediately all thoughts of K vanished and he thought to himself,  “Ah, new best friend, whatever you are!  What a great white smooth belly you have, what wonderful messy meals you must eat when the time comes for you to eat whatever it is that makes you so big and voluptuous!”


It is a sad sucker who commits to an air-floor dinghy with a 9-hp outboard.  Here endeth the lesson.

16°51.70’S 144°39.40’W   08-Jun-10 23:01 UTC