The Middle of Tahanea

We have indeed left our bulletproof anchorage tucked inside the lagoon near the main pass. We had a sweet, sweet spot in 10 ft of water with 270 degrees of coverage given by the island and low reefs. It took 3 anchors to keep us centered in our 150 x 60 ft sandy spot amongst the patch reef and we rode out a couple of nasty squalls there. But after a certain amount of time even the sweetest anchorage becomes dull and this perhaps is the recurring theme of our adult lives. It didn’t help that we went through a series of nightly thunderstorms and one completely overcast drizzly day that reminded us of Seattle in Juneuary. And so we named that bay “West Squalicum” in honor of Little Squalicum in WA, another favorite on our list of favorite squally places, and putted west into the middle the atoll to a rare rat free island, perhaps the only one left were birds reside in great numbers and raise their young free of rat fear.

Tomorrow we will visit these birds, take their pictures and reflect on what it means for K to be a year older. For those looking down this same barrel there is good news and bad news, you can still loose the gut (at least temporarily), but you might be searching for it beyond a forest of grey chest hair. But enough about grey chest hair, we are taking on the appearance and behavior of younger people for a short time and it has been pleasant. In fact there are no obvious greater benefits to God or country in our travels. We left our yuppie lives out of mental self preservation with a dose of longing for adventure. It was also an awakening of the sleeping traveler from his sedentary ennui.

If there were a message for those we love who are young and/or dissatisfied it would be this… “You have great options if you don’t paint yourselves into a corner” and maybe also… “You might not be as cornered as you might think” and possibly… “You don’t have to: (fill in the blank with any life choice).” K’s Mom would say, “You can do anything you put your mind to” so in some sense this is all her doing. And also S’s Dad who fed her pickled herring when she was a wee lass, telling her, “You can’t say you don’t like something ’til you’ve tried it.” That’s about all we can do for humanity; perhaps it’s a good thing we never did much good for anyone before or we could be disappointed in ourselves (although K is apparently immune from that in spite of numerous opportunities).

16°52.33’S 144°47.40’W 03-Jun-10 00:59 UTC

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  1. Aaron & Nicole says:

    We hear you :)

    Can’t wait to see the pictures!