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Candid Papeete

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Papeete is a place where grit meets paradise and the story is in the faces.

Tahiti 184

Bus Stop Girl…

 Tahiti 112

and her mom.

 Tahiti 113

The city is full of young romantics and some of them are disgusted that they have to wait for a bus on their honeymoon.

 Tahiti 111

The end of a long day at the building supply warehouse.

Tahiti 114

Burning off the product of cheese product.

Tahiti 115

The Manfish

 Tahiti 105

Young Menfish

Tahiti 080

Bus Girl

Tahiti 116

Packing up the fruit

 Tahiti 120

Bus Stop Boy

 Tahiti 121

Sweet shoulders!

Tahiti 123 

Sweet face!

Tahiti 142 

The finger of accusation.

Tahiti 152

She sells cucumbers by the seashore

 Tahiti 154


Tahiti 155

A map of the mind

Tahiti 162Tahiti 159

The daughter will probably remain single all the way through high school. The son can’t wait to get his coconut engraved.

 Tahiti 161

Southern winter fashion

Tahiti 168

Planthead ladies

        Tahiti 182 Tahiti 170









Modern Polynesia

Tahiti 171

Classical Polynesia (with friend)

Tahiti 172

Coolest guy in the fish market

 Tahiti 190

Manta Mom

Tahiti 196


  Tahiti 204

He’s going back some day… come what may…

Tahiti 212

A loaf of bread, a jug of Coke, and thou

Tahiti 213

The chic French family

Tahiti 220

Purple Mango Man

Tahiti 222

Dress Seller (with goggles)

Tahiti 227

Big Dog

Tahiti 233

The Cafe Lifestyle (with strong Gallic nose and scooter)

Tahiti 234 

Little Boy Blue (with blue wedgie)

  Tahiti 249

The Phases of Island Manhood

Tahiti 238Tahiti 245Tahiti 257    


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