The Caves of Niue

Thanks to its limestone, the island is riddled with caves in addition to its chasms.

One morning we picked up Karsten from Dreamcatcher KM and went in search of some karsty caves. Outside the village we came across Leisha and Greg from Fine Gold. We kidnapped them and sped away north on the island highway.

NiueSaturday 146

We stopped for a swim in a flooded chasm were a cold freshwater spring met the sea.

NiueSunday1 003

Then there was a long hike to a stunning set of sea caves and arches.

NiueSunday1 018

But there was also beauty in the details along the way.

NiueSunday2 033

The caves were walled in stalactite curtains, and Karsten the caveman seemed quite at home.

NiueSunday1 009

S the geologist was also pleased to be among the rocks.

NiueSunday1 014

K spent his efforts hopping among the outcrops looking for a nice angle through the salty spray.

NiueSunday1 029

There many to choose from…

NiueSunday1 037r

but the best was the view of these seafaring intrepids.

NiueSunday1 031

The next stop was the Washaway Cafe…

NiueSunday2 041

where we had lunch and chatted with Willie the owner…

NiueSunday2 034

It was a grand day out and all the better for the company.

NiueSunday2 067

18°57.00’S 169°51.00’W   26-Jul-10 02:45 UTC


2 Responses to “The Caves of Niue”

  1. Hector says:

    Great to see you made it to Niue. Years ago I referenced it on some of my work on the geochemistry of a similarly uplifted carbonate island. Awesome coastline!

  2. K & S says:

    Hi Hector!! You guys should definitely go visit Niue – they have weekly flights from NZ. Truly the friendliest island we’ve seen up til then!
    Hugs to you and Sonia!!