Return to Neiafu

All too soon, our time with David and Marian was over, and we returned them to Neiafu to catch their flight.  We were feeling a bit blue after we said goodbye so we decided to chillax and take advantage of the town amenities before moving on.

Wednesday night we went to the Giggling Whale, which the owner describes as a “gastropub,” to hear a local band and watch a group of students perform traditional dances.  The kids take donations which they put in a bank account to fund their schooling.

VavauWed 116

We were sorry our hula connections (yes we have hula connections!)  weren’t with us to explain the finer points.

VavauWed 126 

The remainder of the week was spent doing boat chores.  In addition to the usual cleaning and laundry, we hit the market several times, buying locally-woven baskets

Nieafu_beforeleaving 018

and other essentials. 

Nieafu_beforeleaving 022 

We were serenaded throughout the week by the nearby high school band practicing “Por Ti Volare” and ragtime riffs. 

After our busy week, we decided to have a good old-fashioned laid-back Sunday. 

As with most of the islands we visited, religion is a prominent part of life in Tonga.  Ten o’clock Mass at St. Joseph’s was entirely in Tongan, but it gave us the opportunity to stop and reflect on the events of the past 12 months since we left our slip in Seattle.  The singing was divine.

Nieafu_beforeleaving 008   

After lunch we followed the road out of town to see what lay beyond the touristy waterfront.  It was well worth the effort.

We’re waiting on Allison and Sam to clue us in on these nervous blue kingfisher type birds.

NieafuSunday2 002

This family stopped to chat while out on an old fashioned Sunday drive.  Little girls love a Sunday drive, and this family appreciated the story about S’s Dad taking her on Sunday drives to the country to feed apples to the roadside horses of northwestern Pennsylvania.

NieafuSunday2 003

This guy didn’t want to miss the chance to show us his puppy walking technique.

NeiafuSunday 032cr

And these guys didn’t want to miss the chance to flex their pecks and throw some gang signs.

NeiafuSunday 034

After miles of walking we thought this comfort hound had the best Sunday afternoon program on the whole island.

NieafuSunday2 023

18°39.54’S 173°59.00’W   17-Aug-10 03:45 UTC

3 Responses to “Return to Neiafu”

  1. Sam says:

    hmm… the kingfisher would be
    TMI I know, but you have to love the google…
    be well, safe and thank you for sharing.

  2. Varis says:

    I love it that you are sailing across the Pacific. Just amazing.

  3. admin says:

    Thanks Varis – your little boys are pretty amazing too!
    You know, several times we’ve wished we had a big yellow plastic banana kayak along with us – haha! :)