The Quilts of the Dead

There’s a young saying “The dead need no quilts” (it’s young because K just made it up). But this is not the case in Tonga, where the dead receive a constant supply of quilts.


These all-weather quilts are made by the family and put on permanent display out in the graveyard.


They display geometric patterns…


… heraldry


… or even portraits of the dear departed.


When they are worn out by the elements the family gets busy with the needle and sets up a new one. It’s a whole new level of grave care to us and our old friends the Tuamotians, who might or might not straighten out your cross periodically.


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  1. pam says:

    really really cool, i like the last picture the best, and the green and white one. miss you love you shels getting bigger, shes fine about 50 daya till baby now. love all your pictures and love reading about your travels next time im going too ha ha love pam