The Beach Balls of Moeraki

We flew to Christchurch in the South Island and picked up a couple of rental mini-campervans.  Thanks to Zak and Kim’s trip planning, we scored a Jucy Rentals deal that offered us 1-week free rentals as long as we agreed to deliver their vehicles to Aukland – just in time for the North Island tourist season. These tricked out Toyota Previas have a super groovy paint job and are crammed with  amenities, including a 12 volt dc fridge, a gas cooker, a sink, and a big nesting area with a monster thick comforter.


We loaded up with groceries and sped off southbound down the left lane of highway 1 like a pair of jucy green caterpillars.  We passed miles and miles and miles and miles of sheep and cow pastures.

A few hours later we stopped at Moeraki beach where huge great stone balls have all come to rest in one spot.


These big balls are enormous fun. Zak and Kim gave a beach ball ballet.


Then Kim tried to sail away in a half a ball.


Zak tried using his superpowers to fix a broken one…


and S kept looking for the chewy caramel centers…


K just enjoyed the symmetry.


These balls are huge ancient concretions that are left on the beach as the mudstone cliffs nearby weather and erode away.


We thought the mudballs were all there was to see at Moeraki beach.  But then we saw a wet llama nearby.


And some really weatherproof sheep.


We admit we underestimated the fun factor of the beach balls of Moeraki but we’ll never make that mistake again.


45°18.00’S 170°50.00’E 20-NOV-10 01:55 UTC

4 Responses to “The Beach Balls of Moeraki”

  1. Tim says:

    Seeing you in a vehicle with wheels makes me feel a bit nervous and confused. Are you sure you know how to handle that land ship?

  2. Aaron says:

    What’s with this post? The potential innuendos that could be made are endless, yet there was not a single one! I’d very much like to follow in your wake and visit the Moeraki buolders. When we do, you can be sure that the pictures and text accompanying the blog entry will be completely jevenile and inappropriate.

  3. K & S says:

    You are right to nervous Tim, this road driving is the most hazardous activity we’ve undertaken in the past 15 months. You will notice that I am carefully relegated to the passenger seat, though, so the safety officer is clearly on the job.

    Regarding the racy nature of these big chocolate beach balls, I can only say that we have a wide readership of sensitive characters. You can rest assured though that we are enormously amused by all the earthy content that does not make it onto the blog.

  4. Varis says:

    Hey K & S,
    Great to see you in Auckland.