outh end of the North Island is a very hilly place where even the primary highways are just two-lane roads that defer to every curve and roll of the voluptuous topography. There are countless streams to cross on one-lane bridges and more scenic overlooks than we could count.

Tongariro 008

After miles of driving though steep rolling pasturelands north of Wellington we were surprised by the snowy peaks of Mount Ruapehu creeping up behind the green hills.

Tongariro 010

Zak and Kim came across some local sheep being herded by the hundreds under the backdrop of the mountain (see Zak’s awesome sheep video). The mountain is part of a national park where much of the Lord of The Rings trilogy was filmed. Soon we had a clear view of “Mount Doom” (or Mount Ngauruhoe).

Tongariro 034

We spent the night in a campground next to a weird golf resort beneath Mt Ruapehu and resolved to visit Mt Doom with all the other vacationing Hobbits.

Tongariro 037

We were four and we called ourselves The Fellowship of the Big Breakfast.

Tongariro 184Tongariro 185


Tongariro 183

The hot trail meandered through a terrible field of razor sharp rocks – newborns, geologically speaking –

Tongariro 082

Tongariro 057

…with views of the Taranaki volcano to the west.

Tongariro 073

Sulfurous streams stained the black ash and sulfury fumes spread on the wind.


But the Fellowship was not shaken, in fact it made some of them hungry (K was already having Second Breakfast and planning for Elevenses). As we neared the volcano we could make out various huge river-like deposits of volcanic rock that had flowed down the mountain as recently as 1975.


Tongariro 069

The deposits were bounded by levies that channelized the flow.

Tongariro 193

The geologists among us were very excited by this nascent earthbuilding.

Tongariro 112

After many hours and no battles we reached the high plateau at the base of the volcano.

Tongariro 123

There was very little life in the harsh new land. The only thing growing was tussock grass and these glossy yellow flowers.


We crossed the desolate plain…

Tongariro 131

and eventually caught up with Zak & Kim, who were into their third course of a leisurely lunch and politely commented on how speedy we are.

Tongariro 135

It could have been time to turn back but S was still longing for adventure.


and so we pressed on to the ridge high above the Lunch Plain of Desolation.


Soon we had the altitude over the slopes of Mt Doom…

Tongariro 157

with good views of the summit and its wisps of volcanic steam.

Tongariro 165

There was a great rift on the east side of the ridge where a lava tube erupted from the base of the mountain and minerals stained the slopes.

Tongariro 176

And so it was that the Fellowship of the Big Breakfast came to dominate the alpine trail to the red crater of Mount Ngauruhoe and return to their un-burgled green van with blistered feet and empty water bottles and ziplocks.


39°07.00’S 175°32.00’E 25-NOV-10 12:30 UTC


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