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Pinned Down in Coromandel

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Remarkably, we had visitors while we were hunkered down at Motui.

MotuiVisitors 010

Mike was out on Daruma with his daughter Karla and her boyfriend Daniel, and they stopped by to see who was crazy enough to be anchored there in such weather.  Mike’s made several trips between New Zealand and Fiji, and we shared sea stories over turkish coffee onboard Khamseen before he and his crew continued on their way.

We finally got tired of listening to our anchor snubbers groan as we were batted back and forth by the cats paws reaching around both sides of the tiny island and into our  mouse hole like a Tom and Jerry cartoon.  So we headed back south to the quieter anchorages off the village of Coromandel.

CoromandelSunday 052

As it happened, the weather eased the next day so we decided to take a Sunday stroll in town.  We headed out as the rising tide filled the shallow but well-marked channel up the river into town.

CoromandelSunday 002

Veteran vessels lined the way.

CoromandelSunday 006

CoromandelSunday 042

CoromandelSunday 045

The bridge made a handy place to tie the dinghy.

CoromandelSunday 033

Most of the stores in town were closed, but we did get to see the mining museum, which was full of cool rock specimens and mining equipment, and lots of photos and odds and ends from Coromandel’s history.

CoromandelSunday 018

The road out of town was peppered with super-cute old houses behind roses and white picket fences and sheep eyeing us suspiciously from under persimmon trees.

CoromandelSunday 020

CoromandelSunday 021




We didn’t score any persimmons, but we did pick up a bag of  Coromandel’s finest fejoias.

CoromandelSunday2 001

These spoon-sized little gems have a grainy texture like guavas (or pears), a sweet tangy flavor a little like strawberries, and a wonderful flowery fragrance.

We ended our day in town with huge supper at the Admiral’s Arms.  K’s steak and S’s fish and chips both came with the traditional (and curious but highly nutritious) side of beets and fried eggs.

CoromandelSunday 038

36°46.00’S 175°29.90’E 28-Mar-11 00:00 UTC