Afloat in Auckland

We kind of lost track of TJ’s count down timer on but be assured that we met all of our schedule goals for the 2011 shipyard period.

LAandAuckland 041

“Bint” translates as “Girl” (or “daughter”) contrary to what you may have heard from your forefathers in the Arab corners of the British Empire. And the Girl was looking Hollywood good after a professional (!) topsides buffing and a couple of coats of Mexican bottom paint. She also got a new backstay and a new 550-amp house bank of batteries, and a thorough fuel polishing.  It was a very efficient and unusually comfortable yard period, to the point that we stayed an extra day after the boat was ready to splash just to catch the nearby ferry to the Auckland central business district for a day of fun and shopping.  That, and the free unlimited hot water in the boatyard shower rooms were hard to give up.

Auckland is a marvelous pedestrian city, at least within the central district. We missed a few good pictures for being rusty and then swung the long lens into action for a final round of Auckland candids… in the marina district where fancy ladies surf their devices. 

WAandAuckland 054

High on buildings where window washers race each other UP…

WAandAuckland 048

Outside the Vodaphone building where deals are brokered …

WAandAuckland 059

In Victoria Park where a busty Victoria, Empress of India…

WAandAuckland 060  

still frowns across multiple generations of Indians…

WAandAuckland 080

who don’t really notice…

WAandAuckland 071

possibly because they are checking out the skin.

WAandAuckland 075

There was quite a lot of pink in the park and it was good to be a place where the sun still shines.

WAandAuckland 063

But after several hours of packing new boat gear and groceries up and down the city hills K was identifying with this stony character who saw too much in “The South African War” and we turned our tired feet to the ferry dock.

WAandAuckland 073

The ferry was under the command of our old friend and Seattle sailor Captain Dennis, and he wasted no time dodging the evening Hobiecats in the channel

WAandAuckland 096

to bring us back to Half Moon Bay with our fellow commuters.

LAandAuckland 039

36°51.20’S 174°45.20’E 09-MAR-10 20:21 UTC


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