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Escape from Coromandel

Friday, April 1st, 2011

We loved the Coromandel Peninsula. It began with an attractive expectation of remote ruggedness that is often overlooked in the the company of Auckland its sophisticated winery islands. We’ll miss the pastoral anchorages in the full moon,



and the abundant sea-run Kahawai with their fatal attraction to the White Nylon Feather.


and how about another look at that huge plate of steak-eggs?

CoromandelSunday 036

But after making about four trips up to the north end of the Peninsula only to be chased back down by weather it was a relief to sail past the point Cape Colville with a meager 25 kts of wind.

Great Barrier Island2 011

And so it was that after a quick and rolly trip across the Hauraki Gulf with S hogging all the helming duties to keep her stomach in check,  we approached the toothy peaks and islets of Great Barrier Island.

Great Barrier Island 003

Great Barrier Island2 016

The island is largely undeveloped with large protected areas.

Great Barrier Island2 036

We threaded our way through about 50 islets and aimed for the narrow channel into the sunken valley system of Port FitzRoy.

Great Barrier Island 022

Great Barrier Island2 072

Many of the islands were remarkably pest free so K hid out down below until we had safely passed.

Great Barrier Island2 078

These anchorages are absolutely bullet proof, protected from all points which is really what you need in this swirly part of the world.


So while cyclones like “Bune” might be spinning out of the tropics between us and Fiji, we sleep like babies and spend our days knocking out still more projects in anticipation of the upcoming offshore legs as we wait for the end of cyclone season.

36°10.36’S 175°21.53’E 1-Apr-11 02:30 UTC