A Few Marshallese Reef Dwellers

We took two days to visit an island in the Majuro lagoon where awesome free moorings had been set up by Cary and Karen on Seal as part of a UNDP-GEF small grant.

MajuroWeekend 124

Time was short but  we saw several new and long lost specimens.


The feather worms were long and slender.


Strangely finned dart fish darted above the bottom.


Bizarre rock moving wrasses spy-hopped from behind corals to evaluate our intentions.


The much maligned crown of thorns starfish is still arguably one of the most beautiful starfish we see.


Tiny inch-long trigger fish were lurking above tiny holes.

MajuroWeekend 005

Their elders peeked at us over brain corals.

MajuroWeekend 012



A rare juvenile yellowtailed coris engaged in a little synchronized grazing with one of its wrasse cousin.

MajuroWeekend 017

There was yet another flavor of spotted damsel.

MajuroWeekend 119

We finally found colonies of the special three-banded clownfish that live only in the Marshalls.  They were very brave and swam right up to us to tell us to get lost.

MajuroWeekend 053

Then S found a pair of octopods.

MajuroWeekend 106

K used his octopus whispering skills for a close up portrait.  They did’n’t seem to mind.

MajuroWeekend 051

07°07.70’N 171°18.42’E 21-June-11 22:30 UTC

2 Responses to “A Few Marshallese Reef Dwellers”

  1. Tim says:

    Wow. That octopus made some pretty radical color adjustments there at the end. That’s the same guy we are looking at, right?

  2. admin says:

    Yep, that’s one octopus with lots of flashing colors. There should be a video clip on the Youtube site with some good octopus flashing.