Lucky Ailuk

We anchored among some beautiful patch reef just off the village of Ailuk where 300 residents live the atoll life.

Ailuk and N Pacific Crossing 1 167

There was a visit from the Minister of Justice and the Chief of Police. After a nap we wandered down the clean swept sand streets of the village looking for Amai, the acting mayor.

Ailuk and N Pacific Crossing 1 127

We found Amai at home and he sat us in the shade of his garden and whacked up some drinking coconuts. We discussed various trade goods and came up with a list of things we could part with. He sent us off with some of his wife’s topshelf basket weaving as collateral.

Ailuk 007

We wandered down the beach and met a cast net fishermen in a Star Wars Phantom Menace shirt.

Ailuk and N Pacific Crossing 1 099 

He was after schools of careless convict tangs who strayed too close to the shore.


Then S made a friend named Raimie.They traded canned milk, phoofy creams and lotions, baby powder and tea for coconuts and weavings. She tried to throw in a rooster but we declined.


These people were living closer to the land than any we’ve ever met. Each organic scrap goes to the pigs, chickens or the lime tree mulch.


Breadfruit is a large part of the diet and reef fish are always out to dry.


The church was the center of community life like all the remote islands we visited in the Pacific.

Ailuk 012

And the dead were characteristically venerated in beautiful grave yards.

Ailuk and N Pacific Crossing 1 115

Feeling the pressure to continue our homeward journey, it wasn’t an easy decision to stop at Ailuk but it was a major highlight of our circuit through the Pacific.

Ailuk and N Pacific Crossing 1 121

10°13.40’N 169°58.70’E 23-June-11 00:00 UTC

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