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The North Pacifog

Friday, July 29th, 2011

We have been sailing in fog for many days now. Space is condensed and time is expanded within our little gray capsule and without our electrical wizardry we would have no way of knowing how long we’ve been here or how far we’ve come. The ocean in this part of the world is not content to share with the atmosphere and struggles to blur the interface between liquid and gas. Altitudes that we knew to be dry in other areas are really just thinner water in this place.

These whispy vapors rise in a tide above our heads, spilling into our cranial through-hulls and displacing our cool gray matter with a cool gray mist. The result leaves us quietly and contently observant and as imperturbable as big-eyed baby albatrosses that sit in the middle of busy roads. Fog is an anesthetic in large doses and we love to sleep. All other business; sailing, eating and hygiene, is automated and un-remarkable.

47°35.17’N 143°11.60’W 29-Jul-11 17:19 UTC